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Good Reviews for The Magic of Making Up

Written by admin on July 5th, 2011

There are many reviews online for the The Magic of Making Up ebook, most of which seem favorable. One reviewer who read it said that he went over his previous experience of getting back with an ex and could see how true the book was. He also states that the author is very good at replying to emails and questions. He could not find anything negative to say about the book.

Many other reviews state the same, praising as well the way the book goes gradually through the process, from acceptance of the break up to the result of getting back together and staying together. A few reviews mentioned the lack of a video being a negative point, but this did not seem to trouble most people.

Another review states how the book relies on the use of psychological triggers to get the desired results, by looking at the underlying reasons and motives for people getting back together again after they have broken up.

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