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Magic of Making Up

Written by admin on July 5th, 2013

Magic of Making Up and Physical Effects

Anyone who has suffered a breakup knows it does not just impact you emotionally; physical effects usually accompany it as well.  The Magic of Making Up system explains that loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, sadness and lack of energy are common when dealing with the end of a relationship.  The bad stress resulting from a breakup can manifest itself in any of these ways and further contribute to a general negative attitude. It can spiral out of control if you withdraw from friends and family, stop exercising and eating healthy.  Also, avoid drinking too much and staying up too late.  Generally, doing your best to maintain the routine you were in before the breakup can help alleviate your turmoil.  If you drank two cups of coffee in the morning before, do not start drinking five or stop altogether.  Maybe you rode your bike ten miles every Saturday morning. This is a habit worth keeping regardless of the state of your relationship.  If you rode with your ex, then it is his loss.


Coping and the Magic of Making Up

Breaking up is hard to do.  This is especially true if you were the one broken up with and you still want to be in a relationship with your ex.  The aftermath of a relationship can be a very difficult time for anyone and we all have different coping mechanisms and strategies that we have developed over time.  Since we may not be consciously aware of them all the time it is probably wise to spend some time in self-reflection.  One of the positive things about TW Jackson’s Magic of Making Up is the recognition that you will be going through a tough time instead of pretending you can sidestep any negative consequences of such a stressful time.  So part of coping is the willingness to acknowledge that you will need to redouble your efforts to stay on track even though you may feel like treading water instead of moving forward.  This does not mean forgetting about your ex, but it would be healthier to try to maintain as much balance in your life as you can.


The Magic of Making Up and Letters

E-mails and texting have pretty much killed the romance of old-fashioned letter writing.  The process of putting pen to paper, addressing an envelope and adding the proper postage seems like a quaint exercise of a bygone era. However, the process just described demonstrates a much more heartfelt attitude towards someone else. The Magic of Making Up advocates letter writing because most people today would regard a letter as an unusual occurrence and take great notice of it.  Anyone can dash of an e-mail or punch out a couple of words in a text, but the act of sitting down to write an actual letter is likely to be viewed by an ex as a much more sincere and serious attempt to open the lines of communication.  Children are growing up in a mostly electronic and virtual world, but for many of us there is still something reassuring and more real about being able to hold a piece of paper in your hands while reading someone else’s thoughts.

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